Julia's First Week!

After entering the world in the summer of '03, Julia graced us with her presence!

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R,J&WFlax16Aug2003 R&J&WFlax16Aug2003 D,W,R&JFlax23Aug2003 W,R&JFlax23Aug2003 Ed&Julia26Aug03email Julia&Ed26Aug2003 Julia in the dark Dee&Julia26Aug2003 Baby Julia Niece Julia!!! JuliaFlax2 JuliaFlax1 JuliaFlax3 Julia 11AM 8:27:03 Warren:Rocio in hosp 8:27:03 Julia 11 15 AM 8:27:03 Julia PM 8:28:03 Julia Flax home 8:28:03 PM A perfect little girl 8:28:03 Changing Time :( Julia and her Bubbie Julia in her seat A Julia Fajita! Julia & her Mama Great-Grandma, Bubbie, Pops and Mama Great-Grandma, Bubbie, Pops, Great-Great Aunt Bob, Mama & Dad Julia with her Bubbie Julia with Pops Julia with Uncle Danny Julia with Uncle Danny

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