Sara Rose Comes Home!

Sara gets her first ride in a car an comes home to her new abode!

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Getting dressed for the trip! Sara doesn't appreciate just how stylish she is right now! Daddy gets her booties on Daddy's little girl Grandma Helen helps with the transfer Balloons are not allowed up in the hospital rooms. Grandma Helen and Grandpa Howie assist with the car packing Daddy tries to figure out the car seat Grandma and Grandpa clean out the stroller Grandma and Granddaughter Mommy and Sara The new family The new family Mommy & Daddy get her ready for the car Mommy & Daddy get her ready for the car Getting the car seat ready She fits! Mommy... Resting on the way home Arrival in her new home! Arrival in her new home! Relaxing in her new home Mommy shows Sara the house Mommy gives her some love

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