Olympic Memories

Recapping the Games: 

25 Events Attended
17 Gold medal ceremonies
5 Different forms of transportation
734 pictures taken
79 videos taken
134 tinnies of VB drunken
27 red bull vodkas drunken
198 complaints about the transit system
22 hours on a plane to get there
132 athlete sightings
11 celebrity sightings

November 3, 2000
It's been almost a month since I returned from Sydney and I still wake up each morning and wish I were back down under, going to events all day and partying all night. Look out Salt Lake City and Athens, The Flaxman is coming!


USA Men's Gold Medal Basketball

Beach Volleyball- USA vs. Brazil - Gold Medal Match
Closing Ceremonies and the fireworks Tennis- Gold Medal Women's
Canoe-Kayak C2 & K1 Finals Wrestling- Elimination Round 3 & Quarter Finals
Athletics Diving- Men's 10m Platform Final
Baseball- USA vs. Korea Swimming