Wacky Sightings




September 16, 2000 The Ultimate Nightmare for a New Yorker
September 21, 2000 I wandered Circular Quay and saw some outlandish goings on...
September 25, 2000 Why are they painting their hair green???
September 28, 2000 What is with this guy????
September 29, 2000 Friendly faces all over town
October 1, 2000 What the hell was with Frank and the birds???
October 1, 2000 We were the only ones to do it!
October 1, 2000 Fireworks at the Harbor Bridge
October 1, 2000 Basketball: Medal Ceremony and Celebration
October 2, 2000 On my way out of town, I noticed the large city hangover that Sydney'd be wrestling with for days...