Photo Archive

The pictures from the events I went to are in a separate section.

All of the video clips I grabbed are now available in one location.



September 15, 2000 Plane ride to LA; LAX; 
September 16, 2000 Beach with Val; Murrin Wedding
September 17, 2000 Newport Beach at Boogy's house; Sharkeez surfer hangout
September 18, 2000 A 15 hour flight... what do you think I did?
September 19, 2000 I arrive! I share a taxi downtown; Who's better than Getter? I attend two events and see loads of action
September 20, 2000 Events and around town.
September 21, 2000 Family day, Circular Quay and Darling Harbor
September 22, 2000 Diving, Athletics, Circular Quay and Sydney Olympic Park
September 23, 2000 Look who I ran into!
September 24, 2000 A stunning ferry ride to Manly!
September 25, 2000 Back to events for the day.
September 26, 2000 Ad's around town
September 29, 2000 There are just so many friendly people here...
September 30, 2000 Scenes from a day at Olympic Park
October 1, 2000 We prepared for the night's festivities at the hotel and in Olympic Park