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September 26, 2000

USA vs. Korea

It rained the entire game. Team USA was down 2 - 0 early. They came back to tie it up in the seventh inning, but then the rain really started to come down. After a two hour rain delay, at 12:30AM they restarted play. In the bottom of the eighth, the USA had bases loaded with one out. A short bunt up the first base line seemed to assure the US of the winning run. But a call for interference on the runner going home had both the runner and the batter out to end the inning - still 2 - 2 on the score board.

The bottom of the ninth the rain started coming down in droves. There were some additional questionable calls and the few Americans who remained in the crowd were getting a bit testy and apparently, so were the players. Doug Mientkiewicz slammed a solo home run that ended the discussion and put the US into a Gold medal rematch with the mighty Cuban team.

The next night, the US team went on the upset the Cubans and take our very first baseball gold medal with a 4 - 0 win. (I wasn't at that game...)

The American pitcher winds up Pat Boroughs enters the dougout

The baseball stadium An at-bat which led to a bit of a tif

Cheers for the tying run! A dispute over a call brought out the Korean translators!

Two hours of pouring rain! Me and Mike staying dry... or not.