The Phillies First Trip to the New Yankee Stadium

Now that Interleague play is par for the course, the Phillies make the trip uptown every few years. However, this is the first time they've come to visit as the defending WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! Both teams were riding serious winning streaks and showing impressive power. The Phillies lead the NL in home runs, the Yankees lead the AL in home runs and thus far this season, new Yankee Stadium is leading the universe in Home Runs allowed! Made for a tremendously competitive and exciting three days!

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The Phillies fans came out in force for all three games It was impressive how many hosts the Yankees had out to help guests The new stadium features an impressive line up of food vendors! Friday night, the Yanks had a serious shift on for Ryan Howard Time to leave the Bronx.... with a nice win! Tickets for Sunday's Rubber Match Again, the shift for Ryan Howard On a clear Sunday afternoon, the thus far split series will be decided! Cole Hamels, the Phillies Ace, digs in to start Carlos Ruiz scores to give the Phillies a lead! Shane Victorino, one of the heoroes of the '08 World Series digs in at the plate Hamels delivers Rookie, John Mayberry, Jr., delivered in his first game and showed impressive speed in the field and on the base path Hamels and Ruiz conference on the mound Look at CC.... does that look like a super athlete? I didn't think so. Victorino takes a cut The scoreboard in centerfield is simply spectacular.... massively large and so sharp. CC Sabathia digs in Mike Gantz and I enjoy the afternoon A group of Phillies fans join us after the game to celebrate! Look left and the photos are in black and white and of long ago Yankee history ... and to the right the photos are in color of the recent Yankee past When you are the last ones at the stadium, it's quite a site!

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