Danny's BBQ Birthday

Not a milestone year, but whenever you have a birthday on a weekend, it makes for a great excuse to get a gang together and feast. Hill Country BBQ on 26th Street provided a great location and delicious food for all!

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Danny's friends from college. The birthday king! The Bergers Aunt Perry and Mel Dad/Grandpa, Aunt Perry and Mel Warren, Rocio and the Kids Michael and Rachael Fudgie the Whale! Danny and da-niece All the nephews and nieces Danny and Jenny The McCabes! (Eileen and Kevin) Karen and Ursula Becca Jenny and Wade The Girlz: Ursula, Jenny and Karen Ursula and Karen Ursula and Karen Hiding from the paparazzi The glamour shots the children playing Missing a tooth Cousins Niece Julia Michael and Jenny Michael and Jenny A whole crew of entertainers! Danny with Steve and Denise

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